How card payments work

phone payment being accepted my a pax a920 terminal

How to start taking card payments

  • Merchants (the business taking the money) usually opt to lease or rent a card payment machine or set up a virtual terminal to take online payments. In either instance, the merchant will be assessed by the acquiring bank for suitability to get access to the merchant account.
  • If approved the merchant will be awarded a merchant identification number (MID). There are a few business types that for varying reasons, may not be accepted.

There might be a few extra charges to pay

  • In addition to monthly service costs the merchant will need to pay a minimum monthly service charge, authorisation fees and transaction charges.
  • Merchants also need to become PCI compliant to avoid the potential of fines. PCI compliance is best practice and shows a merchant is acting responsibly with the data supplied to them by their customer.​
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