The benefits of taking card payments

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Contactless payments are fast becoming the norm for customers

Contactless payments now represent 88% of all payments taken in the UK. People now more than ever are relying on their cards or using apps such as Google Pay and Apple Pay via their smartphones in this new cashless society that has emerged since the pandemic.

Increase your business’s revenue

Not only is it easier and more convenient for your customers, but there is also evidence to suggest that generally when paying by card, people tend to spend more as there are no restrictions, or limitations by what cash they have on them at the time. This ultimately means there is a real opportunity to increase your revenue.​

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Identify spending trends to grow your business

It is also much easier to analyse your customer spending and to identify trends that can help your business grow. Selected card payment providers have free reporting tools and insights, which allows merchants to keep track of their transactions and also allows them to reconcile receipts and better manage their cash flow.

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7 reasons to accept card payments


Increased sales

Customers spend more when paying by card and with the contactless limit likely to increase to £100 later this year there is a real opportunity for additional revenue​.
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Stay ahead of your competitors

You will automatically have the edge over your competitors that aren’t taking card payments. How many customers do you loose by not offering a digital card payment solution?​

Improve your cash flow with ease

You’ll no longer have to spend lots of time counting cash at the end of day. Cashing up will be faster and will allow you to reconcile receipts and record your transactions automatically​.
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Convenient for customers

Improving customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations whilst also allowing them to benefit from gaining loyalty points with their cards.

Safer and more hygienic

In this current climate it’s important to keep your staff and customers safe. Having a wipe clean terminal is much more hygienic than handling cash.
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Increased security

Less risk of fraud and theft with less cash on your premises.

Reduced queues and faster service

No more worrying about giving the correct change, card payments are a swift and efficient way of taking payments which will speed up your serving times​.
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